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Embracing the element of (blessing) water

Updated: Oct 7, 2019

As we enter the sign of Leo, let’s just say things are hot and fast! This is great time to integrate the use of spiritual waters for cleansing and blessing, as burning sage and the like are a bit much in the heat of the summer.

There are many different types of Waters. The most common is Florida Water, it is widely available (most spiritual shops, botanicas and even grocery stores (in the cosmetics section)). Florida water is used as a multipurpose magical aide, it cleanses, blesses, protects and smells divine. This product is the most common among root workers and conjure doctors. However most of us make our own blends for specific uses and intentions (CaliOkie makes sells 4 different homegrown ones alone.) Tar water (banishing and protection) is another common one just a bit harder to find.

The water I am asked most about is war water. War water is used to send someone far away to essentially end a “war”, so to speak (or begin one). Traditionally, the war water is made by placing nails, Spanish moss, and water in a bottle then allowing it to sit for a few weeks. The nails will rust and the war water will turn a red or murky color. Then the practitioner throws it at a person’s door, porch or property. The jar breaks to release the war water’s magic. Use it wisely and only in dire need.

There are dozens more varieties and takes on Florida Water. You can also make your own water to bring clearing and energy to your situation by using your own intuition, intention, and symbolic items. Play around with your own recipes and leave me comments on your results!

Shana Z.

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