• Shana Zimmerman

Just a little CaliOkie secret oil recipe!!!

Light my Spirit Oil. Whether your home is a buzz with family and friends or you are single and not feeling festive, this recipe may be just what you need. The smell and spirit of the winter months carry a magic unlike any other. This oil can be used to dress your candles, put in your diffusers or worn as perfume. No matter how you use it, it will help make this season brighter and smell fantastic! You will need: 2oz bottle Carrier oil- Almond or Olive oil Cinnamon oil Orange oil Cypress oil Juniper oil First you should clean your vessel, using Florida water or smoke. Next add 4 drops cinnamon oil, 10 drops orange oil, 3 drops cypress oil, and 3 drops juniper. Top with carrier oil and allow to come together by the light of the moon. Before using your oil place your hands over the top, set your intentions and ask the ancestors to bless the season. Caliokie wishes you and yours a Blessed Holiday season.

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