• Shana Zimmerman

Spring Cleaning Hoodoo Style

Updated: Oct 7, 2019

I love Spring! I love the storms here in Oklahoma. They always bring such energy and renewal, and they call me to clear and clean.

I like to start with the physical cleaning of the space such as de-cluttering and dusting (we witches have a lot of stuff). Start with your warmest room and work counter-clockwise as you work.

After the (Muggle) cleaning comes the Sage and Palo Santo. As before, start from the warmest room and move counter-clockwise while you remove and clear energy. I fill each space with smoke while asking my team (Ancestors) to help remove any energy that no longer serves the space (remembering to leave a door or window open).

Once I have cleared my house with smoke, time to work the floors. Here there are so many options to use as a cleaning solution. You can use Florida water, CaliOkie Sheilding or Blessing water, or any of the Botanica purchased floor washes. Working the floor really gives that clean energy feeling.

Next, I wash the doors both front and back to allow abundance and prosperity to flow freely. The final touch is the burning of Frankincense to invite the divine. What are you spring cleaning rituals?

Check out physical shop in Tulsa to purchase Sage, Palo Santo, Blessing/Florida Waters, and Frankincense. If you can not make it to our shop, leave us a message and we give you a details and an quote on our Spring Cleaning pack.

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