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Tales of the Thinning Veil: A Halloween Story Part 1

In honor of the holiday we will be bringing to you a couple of true stories as written and shared by our website designer's father.

An Ouija board can be a fun light hearted experience for some and detrimental and life altering for others. I can’t explain what makes it work, nor do I have the desire to know! I am only writing of an experience that happened while my curiosity was at its peak. Back in those days, I wanted to understand what made it work.

I acquired a board about 20 years ago and started to play with it. It was fun and a way to pass the time when I was bored. The answers I got back ranged from the banal to the nonsensical. After a while I found myself expecting the answers I got from my late night questions to be true. Most times they were. A month or so into it, I stopped waiting for others to by round the house to play with the board. I could concentrate on the planchette, feeling the subtle tugs it made. With that I would assist it in spelling the words out that were a response to my questions.

I was at my mother’s house telling her about the Ouija board and it’s ability to predict minor events when my cousin – the Christian, walked in. He disapproved of my little late night habit and gave me the sermon on the mount in efforts to dissuade me from my ‘evil’ habit. To appease him, I decided to throw it away. That night when I got home, I threw the board in the trash. The next day was trash day, so it was picked up. Thing is, when I got home from work that night, it was sitting where I always played with it – the living room table. I could hear my cousin’s voice droning in my ear, but this time instead of laughing it off. It began to scare me. I threw a blanket over it and tried to ignore it for the evening. The next morning I got a paper bag (so it wouldn’t look at me) and took the board with me to work. I decided to put it in our industrial trash bin outside of my job.

Relived and with my lesson learned I continued to work. When I got home there was no Ouija board and I just about yipped for joy! That night, I sleep like a baby. So you can imagine how I pissed myself when I saw the Ouija board sitting nice as you please on the table the next morning. I checked the door, the windows – nothing was unlocked. It was futile search though. I knew they would be because I know no human hands had put it there. It was my luck that it was Saturday so I had the day off. I hastily got dressed, skipped breakfast, and got in my car. I was going to drive this sucka out of the county if I had to! Instead I drove to Joplin (it’s the closest major city that is out of state to where I live). I found the first residential area with a trash dumpster and put boomerang board in it.

About five or six months later, I was at a local gas station. The car next to me had Missouri plates. The man next me was gasping up to go home I assumed. He looked a bit drained and tired so I struck up a conversation with him. During the convo he asked me if I knew what a Ouija board was as he had found one in his trash a few months back. All the color in my face drained. He continued to talk – rushing now – he said he had tried to burn it along with all his other trash. When he began to burn it in his trash pile the most unearthly sounds were coming from it. He at first didn’t believe what he was hearing so he brought his wife out to confirm that he wasn’t going crazy and the board was moaning, growling, and screeching every so slightly. I told him “that’s crazy.”; he agreed. After that I was ready to go and he had finished gassing up his car. I sheepishly wished him a pleasant and safe passage home. He laughed nervously and thanked me for listing to his wild tale. Never saw that man again and I am grateful and glad to say that I believe that the board found its final resting place in Missouri.

I’m an 84 year old man now. Looking back on the story the moral for me was to never fool yourself into thinking that there is not a power above and beyond what the human being can understand and comprehend. If you associate yourself with these powers, they will become a part of you and you a part of them. If you dwell in darkness, you will become a child of the night. If follows, that if you dwell in the light, you will become a child of the Sun. If you are experiencing nothing in your life but darkness, meditate and call on things of light and love.

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