• Shana Zimmerman

Tales of the Thinning Veil: A Halloween Story Part 2

The Dark Place

There are things that will always be a mystery to us. Those things that our minds cannot perceive can become magical to us. One of my life’s mysteries happened when I was very young – around the age of nine or ten years old.

I had an occasion to visit my sister who is about 8 years older than me and lived less than a half a mile from my house. I stayed late that evening, after dark in fact. When I was ready to go home, she did not want me to walk alone so she walked with me. There was a couple of blocks where the street lights did not light the road because of the terrain in Coweta. It was a small hill with a small culvert over the creek that flowed. At the top of the hill, the street light illuminated the path until the descent. At the bottom of the hill, where the creek flowed, the light did not reach. That was the section, as a kid, that I feared; the dark place.

My sister and I stared out walking. It was a good ten minutes before we got to the section of the road I feared. I kept running my mouth that night so that I didn’t think too hard about the dark place, however my sister knew why I was so chatty. She kept telling me that I had nothing to fear. I saw a man walking the same way we were going so I told my sister “Lets catch up with that man so we will have company”. She agreed so we increased our pace to catch up with him, but our increased pace did not get us closer to him. When we reached the darkest part of the road where the creek was, the man was still ahead of us. He was almost to the lighted area of the road. We then started to run and then we began to catch up with him. He also slowed down which helped. We wondered who he was since we did not recognize him and 1940’s Coweta. OK was a very small and close-knit community. Everyone knew everyone. The closer we got to the man, the more weird I began to feel. I did not want to look at him, but I felt an almost compulsion to stare him down. As we got within feet of the man, to our horror, I noticed that he did not have an actual head! At this point we both started running. There was an intersection about 100 yards from where we ran into friend of the family’s who was stopped at the Stop sign in his car. He asked us what was wrong. After our explanation his face dropped. He offered to drive us the rest of the way home. When we got into the car informed us that he had just came from that less than 15 minutes ago and had saw the same man. When he passed him, he could not make out a head but thought his mind was just playing tricks on him. Embolden by the company, he circled the block to get another look at the man. When we returned to the crossroads, we all peered back up the street. The man was still there, but standing off the side of the road now, perfectly still, and deeply covered in the shadows at the bottom of the hill. We decided, not to drive back up the hill to get a closer second look!

Your explanation of this event to your mind will determine its status to you.

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